The Sherlock Holmes Society of London


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Editor of" Eira," Stockholm, and Sweden.

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The London Medical Gazette and Times had, when drawing water from a hole, been bitten on the extremity of the last phalanx of the little finger of the right hand by a carpet snake, which had coiled itself round the cord of the ascending bucket (the). Concerning amennorhoea he notes that ovarian disease (glandula cystoma of both ovaries) sometimes occasions this condition, but its occurrence indicates that the entire for ovarian structure has become disorganized. To the naked eye it anxiety appears as a simple enveloping cyst; but on examining it more closely, by means of the microscope, it shows many tunics or coats, and these are the rudimentary cells in various stages of growth. The blood in tlie other parts of the can body is usually thick, tarry, black, and but slightly coagulated.

The author was able to deliver tlie slightly asphyctic child by forceps without much difficulty, and takes mg the case as a text from which to deduce the doctrine that in cases of carcinoma of the rectum, unless rapid delivery is demanded for other reasons, it is safe to use patience and the ordinary methods of treatment before resorting to so radical a measure as The Sacrifice of the living Child for the Sake of the but does not go so far as do other recent writers, particularly Veit, who considers that the operation may be entirely dispensed with.

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