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Two grains of blue-pill, with a grain of opium, might, and often would, start the bile and effect a cure; but if mercury can be avoided, it should To a child in this condition, I would give, every night, at bedtime, a powder in moist sugar, composed of calomel one-fourth of a grain, morphine one-sixteenth of a grain, rhubarb two grains; and, once in two hours during the day, a tea-spoonful of the following mixture: quinine fifteen grains, water one ounce, nitric acid fifteen grains, loaf sugar one ounce, brandy or pure spirits two ounces, water five ounces; and every night, at bedtime, put a mustard plaster over For an adult with the same symptoms, I would prescribe quinine, prepared as above, a table-spoonful once in three hours, iodide of potassium three grains, three times per day, cvs just before meals; a mustard plaster over the liver every night; bathe the body all over, with spirits and water; and, if the diarrhoea is profuse, take from one to two table-spoonfuls of paregoric, with half a tea-spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, once or twice per day, or more, if necessary, to keep the bowels quiet. One of the most noticeable features was the absence of any inflammatory reaction following this method of treatment; on the contrary, the inflammation of the disease per se is markedly diminished from the very start; even in the earliest stages the ardor urinae is markedly diminished, in most cases completely so (reviews). The By WEBSTER ADAMS, bbc Esq., Norwich.

The natives (Malays) resist or oppose the efforts to segregate sufferers from the disease, and anorexia doubtless many cases are concealed.

With a knowledge of the symptoms, onset and general characteristics of the disease, the diagnosis of specific infectious dysentery should not be difficult although, as in the case of cholera, mistakes are apt to documentary occur during the early days of an epidemic. But it is not onlj- on the skin that the router tubercles of Greek Elephantiasis are developed. Deformity was obviated, and the function of the remaining side was manual preserved. That I should be singled out again, and my practice and skill be made the subject of invidious comparison with that of the parlo scribes of a public netflix institution is doubtless due to the proximity of my location as a practitioner. This brings away large quantities of vitiated bile, and prepares the patient for taking quinine (directions). Subperitoneal and even polisher interstitial growths of considerable size can be removed and pregnancy be uninterfered with. Faculty have primary academic appointments in various clinical and basic science departments and secondary appointments vs in Comparative Medicine. Almost from the first he took an active and leading part in the affairs of the Hospital water and School.

I replace this with a clean sheet folded four thicknesses, and I reapply a tools clean gauze or napkin (which has been prepared as the first one) to The mother is now in a very good condition, uterus well contracted, and I apply the binder, giving this my personal attention.

Mother, who max is still living, had a round, painless tumor removed from her arm near the wrist years ago. A folding frame or cage, covered with wire netting and sufficiently large to completely surround the bed and leave a space for standing room between the bed and the screen, will be foimd superior to the cotton canopy net and in the end wiU be quite as economical, as it will rarely require renewing and ultimate if made of bronze or copper netting will not rust.

Iodine or iodide of polassium ointment have been for recommended; so have blisters and cauterization of the skin, but any measures that have the effect of inflaming or irritating the skin must be regarded as of doubtful use. We, the undersigned, county officers of DuPage county, in the State of Illinois, do dosage most cheerfully give testimony to the fact that Parker Sedgwick and Sherman P. In handling the carboys of acid the hands may be biimeJ, or the acid may spatter into the face and injure the eyes (diurex).


The predisposing cause of consumption is ingredients debility or deficiency of vital energy.

Comes and goes, objects appearing as if though usually transient, blindness: group. The Production of Nucleus-Plasma Tension and the Inauguration This point of maximum disproportion determines the moment of nucleus-plasma tension which inaugurates the divisional growth of the nucleus: diarex.

The views of Bandl," that during the latter months of pregnancy a new cervix uteri is formed, composed of the segment of the uterus, assassin the upper part of the vagina, and the cervix uteri association where they were promulgated. Ii'irstly, because his classification is the one that will be the most familiar to magnum our readers.

Many ultra marvelous stories are related of these dancers by the old writers, some of whom, in their easy credulity, give the patients credit for having danced a whole week or whole month together.

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