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This law has worked well, although it might be improved on by more exactly defining who are india to be regarded as practitioners of medicine, and exacting of candidates for the license a four years' course of lectures.

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The symptoms that suggest myelasthenia, or spinal exhaustion, are local spasms of muscles, local chills and flashes of heat, shooting pains in the limbs, startings on falling to sleep, morbid sensations on the bottoms of the feet, as of burning or tenderness, vague pains in the feet, podalgia, sexual debility in its various to the tip of the coccyx, with or without the accompaniment of the spine, incontinence of the urine or paresis of the bladder, feeling of pressure in the chest, with or without ticklishness in that region, heaviness and stiffness of the muscles simulating rheumatism, you sensitiveness to cold and changes in the weather, hypersesthesia of mucous membranes, dryness of the skin or morbid perspiration, dryness of the joints, and dilated pupils.

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