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The Sherlock Holmes Journal is published twice a year, usually in July and December. It is the official voice of the Society and contains its Transactions, news and reviews, letters and editorial notes. It is also home to the most erudite scholarship, publishing learned articles from Holmesians world-wide who have something to say on any aspect of Sherlock Holmes and his world. It has been appearing without a break since the first issue in May 1952.

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The most recent issue, Winter 2009, contains the following articles, as well as the usual notes, reviews and letters:

EDITORIAL: "I CAME UP TO LONDON FOR THE JUBILEE" - 2009 is a year of anniversaries

EDITORIAL NOTES - A historic letter comes to light; Hugh Boone set a precedent; exciting news in audio recordings; fast food on Dartmoor; a new columnist in the Journal; a historic artefact comes to light

THEATRICAL THREADS: an edited version of the 2009 Richard Lancelyn Green Memorial Lecture (part one) by David Timson - A distinguished actor looks at the theatrical careers of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle

"DRACULA" BY ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE by Robert Eighteen-Bisang - Conan Doyle parodied his friend Bram Stoker's novel in a Sherlock Holmes story

SHERLOCK HOLMES, QUANTUM PHYSICIST? by Kevin Walsh - His methods suggest that he was

THE RETURN AND RETIREMENT OF SHERLOCK HOLMES by Greg Darak - Why did the great detective retire so early?

HOLMESIAN REFLECTIONS by John Preston - Our new columnist considers the personal lives of Holmes and Watson

"THE BEST AND SOUNDEST THING IN ENGLAND" by Nicholas Utechin - The 2009 Victorian Cricket Match (we won!)

WHY "A STUDY IN SCARLET"? by Tim Healey - Why did Conan Doyle choose that particular title?

IT SEEMS TO ME... by Auberon Redfearn - Holmes's uncharacteristic behaviour in "The Man with the Twisted Lip"

FUN ON THE FRINGES by Heather Owen - Reviews of two Holmesian plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and one in London

"SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES" by Richard Burnip - A review of an open-air production in Cheshire

"CAPITAL, WATSON!" by Carrie Chandler and Roger Johnson - The Society's London Festival: the Annual General Meeting, a trip on the Regents Canal, the European premiere of Jerome Coopersmith's play "The Other Side", and a visit to Conan Doyle's grave

EDINBURGH - A CALEDONIAN CAPITAL IDEA by Audrey Jones - Our pilgrimage to Conan Doyle's birthplace in his jubilee year

I AM AN OMNIVOROUS READER - Book reviews by Nicholas Utechin and Roger Johnson

THE WIGMORE STREET POSTBAG - Letters to The Sherlock Holmes Journal

THERE CAN BE NO QUESTION AS TO THE AUTHORSHIP - Contributors to this issue of the Journal


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