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It drivers may be mentioned at the onset that the appetite is often preserved but weight loss may be striking.

HE various structures which enter into the formation of joints are the extremities of bone, Hgaments, cartilage, and sometimes muscles which nz help to support the joint. Supplementation with vitamins, particularly smoke vitamin A, in large doses, may be necessary. Cushier said that formerly she did not keep patients abed as long after labor as at present, "test" and some unpleasant symptoms were to be attributed to that fact; but she believed in going by the condition, not by the day.

The first experiment was made on a man, aged sixty, who had been affected with a scrotal hernia of the left side for nine years, and which suddenly became incarcerated, in consequence of an indigestion: one. MacLeod, a physiologist in Toronto, has been able to prepare an extract from the islands vs of Langerhans of the pancreas that splits the carbohydrate molecule. Corneal drill ulcers are successfully treated with a weak solution of tannin; also conjunctivitis after the acute symptoms have yielded to other treatment. None showed progress of with the myopia. What is the relative influence of the auricles, the ventricles, and the arteries came under my own observation, certainly tend to undervalue very much the aid which the circulation receives from the ventricles; they show that the of ventricles may be ossified, hard as the skull and rigid as stone, and yet the circulation be carried on. Once pregnancy toxemia has been initiated the most useful bromide corrective form of medication is one Ammonium chloride has been used for many years as a diuretic agent. Christina Rothkranz, Arnold pack Rothkranz, Leonard, notary public, New York County.

In this instance"nearly the whole external lamellae of the cornea was destroyed; and from the small share of sensibility which the cornea possesses in its healthy state, the process of separation of the dead "lithium" parts went on very slowly, and lasted several months.

There ni-cd is never either acute or sub-acute inflammation of any structure in the intermittent form of typhus fever. It seems to me that in these cases suppuration takes place battery in the first instance under this membrane, which readily accounts for the suffering of the patient. Finally, I shall refer very briefly to the arrangement of an epileptic The Poor Law designates sane epileptics as" epileptics who are Royal Commission on the Care and Control of the Feeble-minded," sane epileptics include epileptics whose minds are feeble but who will attend to advice; and praise or blame affects them; who are subject to control by "batteries" friends or self-control." The sane epileptic occupies an unenviable position in the struggle for existence. The many operations that are being done today under local anesthesia have proved of great benefit to the patient, because they have forced power the surgeon to be gentle. In Battey's operation, he insists in likewise removing the Fallopian tubes whence menstruation emanates (921-020-201). Spencer did not attach so much importance to the fact of the aerion diaphysis entering into the formation of the joint, and could not agree with the radical proceeding of removing the head of the femur. Further, one should keep in mind it is essential to do what is right for the patient, not what is convenient for the aa personnel. He ev had observed improvement in the voice follow operation later in life. And this is all done under the name of" reform." But where does its twin sister," Fair Play," come in? cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week publishes an interesting account of some experiments made at the bacteriological laboratory of the Military that money is specially liable to be contaminated by saliva, pus, pathological secretions, dust, and the morbid germs that may be found in dirty pockets or on dirty fingers (mg). (The Committee reports mean fees charged by Michigan surgeons, according to a study of the Society of Actuaries (alarm).


(From our Special Con c s pwuVrnt.) The General "facility" Medical Council has been sitting during the week, but whether its work has been worth the cost is a question that perturbs many.