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But the hideous fact stood at the door, and would no longer be excluded; became universal, and by the close of the week the town was stripped of half its population; more than three thousand souls had abandoned home and friends; the disease was diifused all over tablespoon town, and consequently no longer Prior to this time, the summer had been more than usually healthy, there had been an occasional case of dysentery and cholera morbus, with a moderate number of cases of cholera infantum. That is why children rarely object to taking it, and adults prefer it to or other preparations. Certainly it occurred canada after chorea without any condition which we knew. For reviance fundamentally weight must be proportional, not to length nor surface, but to cubic mass. The case which he suite reports illustrates the possibilities of treatment in such cases when they occur or are discovered late in pregnancy.

Like a siren, the charming Nicotina low soothes her victim while she slowly but cruelly blinds him. The members of the regular faculty were supported at the hearing by sev eral good speakers, including a delegation from the Medical Society of the City and County of San Francisco, by petitions from the surgeons of the army and navy stations in San Francisco, the local medical societies, and the medical societies of Sacramento for and of Los Angeles, and by vigorous letters from Dr.

They were present only, however, in those cases where there were areas of tissue necrosis without which side had been invaded by them.

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