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HolmesA Golden Day

On 30 August 1889, two rising British authors dined at the world-famous Langham Hotel in London. They were Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde, brought together by the American publisher and editor J M Stoddart.

By the end of the evening, Stoddart had made two major signings. The results: Conan Doyle brought Sherlock Holmes to the public’s notice for the second time with The Sign of Four and Wilde produced his enduring masterpiece The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The Society produced a celebratory booklet to commemorate the day, Nicholas Utechin writing up the full back story. Gyles Brandreth contributed the Foreword. A Golden Day was published in an edition of 200 and a limited number of copies remain available for purchase by collectors on a first come first serve basis.

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HolmesThe Sherlock Holmes Journal
The first edition of the Sherlock Holmes Journal was published in May 1952 and since that time it has become one of the major sources of Holmesian scholarship. Copies of the early issues are so scarce that they have become collectors items. Unfortunately we do not have the very early issues available but we can offer you a wide range at very reasonable prices. Copies of most issues from 1990 (Vol. 20) onwards are available. Prices per copy are shown below and include postage and packing.
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HolmesTourist guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes
Despite its age, this is still a very popular publication, providing a number of walks through the London of Holmes and Watson. Reprinted from Volumes 10 and 11 of the Sherlock Holmes Journal.
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HolmesThe Tri-metallic Question
In 1991 the Society’s Summer excursion was to Winchester, a city with excellent canonical connections. The ancestry of Doctor Watson is linked with a century Bishop of Winchester and an argument is put forward that Holmes received his education at Winchester College. Extremely good value at the reduced price.
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HolmesA gaggle of governesses
Concentrating on the locations of The Solitary Cyclist, Wisteria Lodge and Thor Bridge, there is also mention of The Speckled Band and The Naval Treaty. Also includes an article by Richard Lancelyn Green on Conan Doyle’s sisters during their days as Governesses.
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HolmesThe Cornish Horror
Produced to compliment the Society’s first official visit to Cornwall to gain greater understanding of what Holmes described as ‘the strangest case I ever handled’ – The Adventure of The Devil’s Foot. Includes photographs from Richard Lancelyn Green’s collection
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HolmesHolmes, Chemistry & The Royal Institution
This book presents a collection of cases which asses the chemical work of Holmes, along with his relationship with the Royal Institution of Great Britain. New evidence helps to throw light on the famous unchronicled case involving “the politician, the lighthouse and the trained cormorant”.
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HolmesThe Boscombe Valley Mystery
The weekend was described as ‘a light hearted look at the West’. Nevertheless the handbook is packed with good scholarship on the Boscombe Valley mystery and matters related to the West Country. Also includes an examination of the Musgrave connection.
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HolmesHelping out hopeless Hopkins
Inspector Stanley Hopkins features in three adventures – The Golden Pince-Nez, Black Peter and The Abbey Grange. The sites and issues associated with the story line are covered in extensive detail. Includes contributions from expert scholars Bernard Davies and Richard Lancelyn Green.
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HolmesRadical rethinks on horse and hound
Based on Bernard Davies’s latest theories on the location of Baskerville Hall and the stables in Silver Blaze, the handbook contains the opinions and views of fourteen members of the Society on these two fascinating stories. Available at a specially reduced price.
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HolmesLend me your ears
Produced to accompany the Society’s Summer 2003 excursion to Liverpool and New Brighton, and concentrating in particular on aspects of The Cardboard Box. It also includes details of Basil Rathbone’s associations with Liverpool. Extensively illustrated with many rarely seen photographs.
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Sussex Revamped
A collection of essays on aspects of Holmes’ association with the county of Sussex, most notably the location of Holmes’s retirement cottage and other landmarks from The Lion’s Mane. The prime candidate for Birlstone Manor in The Valley of Fear is also examined.
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Sherlock Holmes in Switzerland
This superbly produced publication - many of the illustrations are in full colour - documents Sherlock Holmes’ and the Society’s special connection with the beautiful country of Switzerland. Nineteen different authors provide twenty four fascinating articles.
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Colour it Prussian Blue
The County of Essex and in particular the landmarks associated with The Retired Colourman and His Last Bow are put under the magnifying glass in this publication. As usual Bernard Davies’s findings are supported extensively with maps and photographs which could form the basis of a pleasant day out in Essex following the clues. En route you could call in at Lewisham to track down the location of Josiah Amberley’s house.
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This Dark Square
Holmes identifies the location of the Priory School with the phrase This Dark Square. Jonathan McCafferty puts forward compelling arguments for the location of the school and Holdernesse Hall, and is supported by Guy Marriott who provides evidence for the railway journey from Euston. The handbook has been described as ‘a good read’ and ‘excellent value’.
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The best of the Sherlock Holmes Journal - Volume One
Printed in a strictly limited edition of 300 this book contains a selection of articles from the first eight volumes of The Sherlock Holmes Journal and covers the years 1952-68. You will be able to enjoy a mixture of scholarship from Sherlockian authors who made major contributions in the Society’s formative years, with Society news, editorials and film reviews.
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Meet me in Bohemia
The latest edition to our library of handbooks. A dozen eminent scholars prove that Bohemia plays a small but real part throughout the great detective’s career. Produced in a similar format to the hugely successful Sherlock Holmes in Switzerland. Seventy two pages - illustrated throughout.
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To keep the memory Green
For the first time, the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and the Baker Street Irregulars have come together in a publishing venture to celebrate the life of the great Holmesian and Doylean scholar, Richard Lancelyn Green. The Editors have collected a wide variety of memories of, and tributes to, Richard from a myriad of friends and admirers.
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HolmesHolmes & Watson - A new chronology of their adventures
There have been a number of chronologies of the Sherlock Holmes stories over the years, and fortunately no two of them agree in all particulars. Now Vincent Delay gives us his arguments – with detailed analysis – for the dating of every one of the 60 stories in the Canon, and also for the dating of the stories mentioned by Watson, but which he was unfortunately never able to chronicle.
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HolmesI proceeded to Portsmouth
The Handbook includes an article on the Richard Lancelyn Green Collection at Portsmouth Library, and there are other articles on submarines and the Bruce Partington Plans, on spies during and before the First World War, on the Royal Victoria Hospital at Netley (where Dr Watson studied) and on the date of Watson’s return from India on the Orontes.
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Holmes and Watson Country - Travels in search of solutions
BERNARD DAVIES, perhaps more than anyone else, has applied rigorous scholarship and exhaustive research to investigating the problems and the anomalies that lurk within the chronicles of the Great Detective. His essays are researched with meticulous care, presented with clarity, and written with wit and an engaging enthusiasm. This handsome collection in two large hardback volumes is essential reading.
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