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The Noble And Most Singular Order Of The Blue Carbuncle located in Portland, Oregon USA has a new web site and address - please be amongst the first to visit the new site: The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle

Sherlock Holmes Society member Christopher Jones has recently launched the following website with examples of his graphic illustrations:

The web portal about the Great Detective: Sherlockian.Net

The Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Public Library:
The Bootmakers of Toronto -- The Sherlock Holmes Society of Canada:

This is a Bertram Fletcher Robinson (1870 - 1907) tribute site that will also enable users to buy any of the 300 or so items that he either wrote or edited in due course. In 1901 Bertram Fletcher Robinson assisted Arthur Conan Doyle with the general plot and local details for the Hound of the Baskervilles, having met him on a ship returning from South Africa.

Eventually, this website will also list biographical details about BFR's family, friends and work etc.

You will want to note that the Sherlock Holmes pub in Northumberland Street, Charing Cross has just reopened after a full and excellent refurbishment. Furniture, floors, toilets, wallpaper, curtains have all been replaced. The lighting's finally been fixed in the exhibition cases in the bar. And the Baker Street sitting-room now looks as it was intended to - as if Holmes and Watson have just popped out and will be back any minute.

The Irregular Special Players
Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Events. This group of Holmesians writes and performs its own plots for clubs, hotels, restaurants, weddings, private parties, masonic festivals, training courses, corporate events etc. A speciality is the performance of murders on preserved railways which the group has been doing since 1992.

Breese Books (Murder Mystery)
Breese Books is the world's largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes pastiche books with around 40 titles in print. Among the authors who write for Breese Books are Val Andrews, Eddie Maguire, John Hall and Roger Jaynes. All the books are written by Holmesians for Holmesians.

Detective Tours
This group of experts have for the past 12 years been offering murder mystery tours and walks. Subjects undertaken include Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders and Jack the Ripper. As the tours are all bespoke they can be for any size group and are tailored to individual requirements.

Hansom Cab Books
A small internet based company providing rare, second hand & out of print books on a variety of subjects from Sherlock Holmes to London topology.

The Baker Street Journal - Sherlockian scholarship

The Baker Street Blog

The Conan Doyle (Crowborough) Establishment

NEW! Cercle Littéraire de l'Escarboucle Bleue        
le secrétaire :   jp cabot

There is a Swedish Holmes society, The Baskerville Hall Club of Sweden - The material is still only in Swedish, but there are plans to have English too.

New! - The Baker Street Fellowship can now be contacted by email

New! - The Sherlock Holmes society of India

Films, TV and other media

VV341 - The Valley of Fear" - The site lists all UK produced audio dramatisations of the original ACD Canon and known locations of the recordings.
The Tourist’s Sherlock Holmes: A Not So Elementary List of Filming Locations
One Voice Recordings - Sherlock Holmes Audio Books from David Ian Davies

Foreign language sites

Uno Studio in Holmes (Italiano)
Eureka! dijo Sherlock (in Spanish)
Sherlock Holmes International (Français)
Sherlock Holmes International (Español)
Sherlock Holmes International (Deutsch)
Sherlock Holmes International (Italiano)
Sherlock Holmes International (Danish)
Sherlock Holmes International (Japanese)
Les Dix Sept Marches
Sherlock Holmes Movie Page (German)
Sherlock Holmes - 221 B Baker Street (Barcelona, catalan)Pubs, Restaurants, Walks and Activities
The Sherlock Holmes Public House & Restaurant
Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Events WebsitePublications The Baker Street Journal The Strand Magazine


The Constabulary
The Universal Sherlock Holmes
The Victorian Web
The Sherlock Holmes Chronicles - All the books, cross-referenced, advanced searching, dialog searching, a full concordance and more!   
An excellent well arranged site to help find a myriad of information and weblinks concerning Holmes and ACD.

Further to the Dancing in the Moonlight book launch, here are the addresses of a couple of Jeremy Brett internet discussion groups,  the main topic of discussion is Jeremy rather than Holmes, but there's clearly an overlap - lots of sharing of thoughts on various Granada episodes etc. link 1, link 2

Société Sherlock Holmes de France
email :

Sherlockian Who's Who
email :

Editions Mycroft's Brother
email :

Other Literary Sites of Interest

The Arthur Conan Doyle Society
The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Official Agatha Christie Site
Dorothy L. Sayers Society
Margery Allingham Society
Ellery Queen

Sherlockian Societies

221B- Deutscher Sherlock Holmes Club
Danish Club Site - in Danish and English
Hounds of the Internet
Les Evadés de Dartmoor
San Francisco Sherlockian Societies Home Page
Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia e-mail:
Sherlock Holmes Society of Western Australia e-mail:
Sherlock Holmes Society of France
The Sherlock Holmes Society of Melbourne e-mail:
The Baker Street Dozen e-mail:
The Capers (Cape May, New Jersey)
The Common Loafers (Malaysia)
The Cremona Fiddlers of Williamsburg
The Crew of the Barque Lone Star
The Diogenes Club of Dallas
The Florentine Holmes
The Franco-Midland Hardware Company
The Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn
The Irregular Special Railway Company
The Mini-Tonga Society
Mycroft's Brother e-mail:
Poor folk web site, e-mail The Poor Folk upon the Moors
The Ribston~Pippins
The Shoso-in Bulletin, based in Japan
The Sound Of The Baskervilles, a scion society of The Baker Street Irregulars, is a Sherlock Holmes club that has been meeting monthly since March 31, 1980.
The Strand's Sherlockian Society
The Sydney Passengers e-mail:
The Three Pipe Problems of Nashville
The Wandering Gypsies (Alabama)
White Rose Irregulars (York, Pennsylvania)

Transcriptions of public domain works, audiobooks etc.

221b Baker Street
Arthur Conan Doyle Electronic texts
Concordances of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Resources
here for Free e-books, formatted for the free Microsoft E-book reader.

Museums, Collections

Sherlock Holmes Museum - Antikvariat Pinkerton
Sherlock Holmes Collection at Marylebone Library (The Society help set this up)
Sherlock-Holmes Museum - Meiringen (The Society is patron of this museum)
The Philatic Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes on stamps
Vancouver Museum Sherlock Holmes display